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Join the TNT Event --- 30/03/19 --- 19:00

(UTC+1:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome...)

**We from TNT are happy to announce another BF3 Event !**

Since those kind of events are a rarity nowadays, we encourage everyone

to invite their Battlelog friends to join us making it a special gaming night

The whole event will take place on one of our servers that will have custom maps

and gamemodes to make it fun for everyone.

An event would be nothing without prizes! After the event took place, we

will send out prizes in value of 100€.
(The prizes will be raffled among all participants)

If you want to share this Information, here is a link to the Trailer we made.

More people = more fun!


Here are the most important informations you and your friends need

to participate in our special event:

This Event is for fun - not to show up your skill**

30 / 03 / 2019
19:00 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome...)**

**Where: The official TNT Discord** Or any other voice of your choice

(Server can change probably)


3 x 20 € Game Key of your choice
5 x 10 € Amazon voucher (Or any other shop of your choice)

**The played gamemodes and maps:**

**Gulf Of Oman Rush [2 rounds]**
- No Vehicle Stealing

**Operation Firestorm Conquest Small [1 round]**
- No Baserape & No Vehicle Stealing

**Noshar Canals TDM**
- 1 round: Bolt Sniper Only
- 1 round: M320 Smoke & Knife only
- 1 round: Defib & Repairtool only

**Wake Island EOD-Bot Race**
- 1 round: eod bot race

**Grand Bazaar Conquest Small [1 round]**
- B Flag only
- Everything allowed

**Ziba Tower Gun Master [1 round]**

**Sabalan Pipeline Capture the Flag [1 round]**
- No Vehilce Stealing

**Open end - your map choice**

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